Launch Angels creates and manages alumni venture capital funds at top colleges and universities. Each is designed to be evergreen, with a new fund raised every year. The company offers a tested playbook, structures, processes, staff, and regulatory knowledge to make fund organization and management simpler and more efficient. Launch Angels has shown that alumni investing together do better than investing as individuals. In addition, there are tangible benefits for alumni funds to share deals, best practices, and costs. With a disruptive business model, the firm is growing rapidly – adding four to six schools every year. When fully realized, LA will operate one of the economy’s most valuable online networks. Launch Angels is growing and looking for talented alums and support staff who are interested in the work we do. We have a variety of ways to work with us depending on an individual’s experience, talents, and interests.

For Experienced VC Professionals Our new schools require deal teams of experienced Managing Partners and Vice Presidents.

For Younger People Seeking an Intro to VC We offer part- or full-time internships & fellowships in areas ranging from research to outreach.

For a Variety of Support Staff We have various openings for those looking for a support role in an exciting entrepreneurial venture.

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